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Investment in Kurdistan

In the previous few years, the Kurdistan region of Iraq has appeared as a newly prosperous market for investment. The Kurdistan region is a rich country with so many natural resources hidden within her heart, with a population of about 4 million people living on a land which is 40,000 square kilometers.

Kurdistan is a new promising market for investment in most fields of technology from IT to mobile phones, the internet, mobile internet, networking and communication technology. It is a new market as such opportunities were not available during the previous regime and due to continuous wars and international embargo on Iraq.

Another field of investment is building and construction, hotels, tower blocks, malls and supermarkets, airports, bridges, roads, dams, motorways, and auto-bans. Companies may benefit from the open market and the many facilities provided by the regional government of Kurdistan and above all the security of the area which is proven to be the best within Iraq.

Another sector is banking and mortgages, as the banking system is new to the area and the emerging market of sale and purchase of lands and the big demand for proper and affordable housing may open new doors for the mortgage investment in Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan region is rich in many different minerals and that is the same as a hidden treasure which needs specialized hands and tools to unlock the treasure boxes. This is on top of the rich oil and gas fields in the area as Kurdistan is known to be on an ocean of oil.

Kurdistan Region Investment Law

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