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Forensic Linguist as Expert Witness

With over two decades experience as a translator and an interpreter in different countries and continents, in all walks of life and covering all fields of work from health to police, immigration, social services, law, courts, probation, business, and trade etc. Working for the government, non-government organizations, charities private firms and individuals, and in addition to all these with a degree in English and an honours degree in criminology I have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of forensic linguistics, or in other words where language, law, and culture meet.

  • Translation and analysis of data from mobile phones, computers and social media
  • Hard to read and distorted data
  • handwritten letters including graffiti or symbols
  • prison letters
  • transcription of police interviews, prisoner phone calls, hospital phone calls, prison  visit recordings
  • analysis of police interviews
  • Expert witness testimony in courts, both for prosecution and defence
  • translation and interpretation of notebooks and diaries
  • language and dialect analysis
  • cultural advice including area specific norms and cultural disputes with regard to marriage, sex, honour killing, divorce and threats to kill
  • sexual offences including rape, disputes over consent in sexual activity and sexual activity with children
  • Insurance claim investigations
  • road traffic related claims and disputes
  • trading standards interviews with regard to illegal tobacco and licenses
  • immigration, probation, HMRC, CPS, courts, NHS and private hospitals and institutions 
  • interpreting both simultaneously and consecutively, conference and telephone calls. 

I am a member of the International Association of Forensic Linguists, Chartered Institute of Linguists and NRPSI